The Centre Stage Letter To Vellus Customers​

Dear Customers,We thank you for your patronage! We would like to inform you that Vellus, following a change in management, is now renamed The Centre Stage (“TCS”, “Company”).All existing customers packages will be assigned to The Centre Stage Pte. Ltd. from 1 May 2018. Packages have a 6 month validity period, i.e. unused package balances shall expire by 31 October 2018. Please feel free to book an appointment with us at; orRead TCS’ package terms at [need to create link] We regret that we are unable refund any unused package balance in either cash or kind.The Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted  Over time, society’s corporate-driven stigmas have persuaded us to trade self-expression for acceptance.The Centre Stage is looking to break this conformity, allowing you to reclaim and showcase your individuality. It isn’t just about the hair, it’s about discovering how you wish to express yourself and positively influence through your image and lifestyle choices.on this website immediately. Please check the latest information posted herein to inform yourself of any changes. If you have any questions regarding this or any other matter, please contact us at 62246566 or apologise for any inconvenience caused as a result of the changes and would like to thank you for your past and continuous support.We look forward to welcoming you to experience TCS’ Beauty Transformation experience at our new and bigger salon from 1 June 2018! We look forward to sending you soon!Warmest Regards,TCS Management. ​

Men: the best hairstyles for your face shape​

Hair, like clothes,  are a means of self expression. Unlike clothes,  one can't change out of a bad haircut. That's why it is worth knowing which hairstyles suit your face shape. To avoid that awkward period waiting for your hair to grow out.  Triangular face shapeCharacteristics: wide cheekbones and forehead, pointed chin. Complement this face shape with these tips:opt for longer hairstyles with plenty of layers to add width and volume on topsport a slight fringe that softens the silhouettechoose a style that narrows your forehead area and adds the illusion of width to the chinJustin Timberlake's hairstyle from “Suit and Tie” or Ryan Gosling’s Gangster Squad hairstyle are outstanding haircuts for triangular shaped faces   Square face shapeCharacteristics: square jawline, long, straight sides, jaw and cheekbones the same width. Haircuts for this face shape:keep hair softer around the edges to offset strong and masculine facial featuresconsider a tight, short haircut that enhances the facial featuresavoid a center parting, and a heavy fringeopt for a modern slicked back undercut  Diamond face shapeCharacteristics: cheekbones are widest part of the face, narrow forehead and jawline, long pointed jawline. For this particular face shape:soften the silhouette and create extra width on top by adding lengthgo with a leaner style, one that is more narrow at the cheeks, and add some fullness at the crownopt for a haircut with a slicked side fringe and layers on top for extra volumeavoid going too sharp around the edges, as this will make the ears stick outavoid wearing the hair too straight. A wavier look worn on the side instantly softens features    Heart face shapeCharacteristics: The face is wider than it is long, Cheekbones are the widest point, and the chin is noticeably pointed. Heart face shapes can try the following:keep hairstyles slightly longerchoose a square haircut that balances the face shapeopt for a tousled look that covers your forehead, as it will draw attention to your nose, mouth and eyesavoid lifting the hair off your face entirely, as this will make your whole face look tiny   Oblong face shapeCharacteristics: face longer than it is wide, often rounded jawline, cheekbones and jaw the same width. To complement this face shape:avoid taking the sides too short if you want to keep length on topkeep the shape well proportioned, no sides that are too short or a top that is too longstyle the hair onto the face to reduce the appearance of length and maintain balancekeep some length on top and try styling it either in a modern greaser, or a super-cool quiff  Oval face shapeCharacteristics: Face shape resembles an egg with slightly rounded jaw. Considered the ideal shape. To enhance the oval face shape:experiment with nearly any haircut, in any shape or length, as its well-balanced proportions allow for itavoid a full length fringe to avoid making the face appear rounderbalance prominent features such as the nose and position of the eyes and earsconsider a squared off cut that levels the sides with the  top, something along the lines of a pompadour   Round face shapeCharacteristics: jawline is round, face almost as wide as tall, round cheekbones. To best work with this particular face shape you should:choose a haircut based on features/areas you would like to enhance or hidechoose a style that can be worn with a bit of heightadd volume to your hairstyle to keep the face from looking too roundavoid sharp fringes as they only accentuate the natural roundness of the face shapeexperiment with an off-center part, or some waves at the eye level to help minimize roundness  

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Centre Stage​ Hair Salon

We believe customers return to us not only because we have dedicated, London-trained stylists and private rooms.  The Centre Stage team is focused on delivering the best possible beauty transformation experience in the limited time we have together. We are results driven and time efficient, regularly going above and beyond for the benefit of out customers. 1. Private RoomsEvery customer is assigned a room at The Centre Stage. Our customers love that they are able to share their needs and undergo treatments in private away from prying eyes. We even have a twin room should you wish to visit in a group or with your significant other.  2. Be Serviced Like RoyaltyWe pre-cool and dim a reserved room accordingly to our customer's registered preferences.We serve customers fresh and high quality teas from The 1872 Clipper Tea Co, Singapore's oldest tea producer. Yes, it's on the house - our way of saying thank you for visiting us. There are seven, award-winning  flavours to choose from, each designed to enhance your daily ritual for relaxation and enjoyment. Each serving is accompanied with a little card explaining  the tea's origins and benefits. All our heritage teas are non-GMO, halal and fair trade certified. In addition, The Centre Stage has shawls available if you feel cold. For those who wish to multi-task while being pampered, we also provide multiple charging points and complimentary, wireless Internet access. 3. Recharge While We Refresh Your LookThe Centre Stage team understands how stressful and hectic our customers’ schedules can get. All our private rooms are equipped with recliner seats that offer excellent space and comfort, allowing customers to nap while getting their hair treatments done.With air-conditioning, dimmable lights, the choice of streaming soft music from either the house selection or our customer's own phone, customers are guaranteed a makeover experience like no other. 4. Inclusive Professionals for Discerning CustomersOur customers are assigned Senior Stylists. The Centre Stage Senior Stylist each has at least 20 years of experience. They are highly aware of customers’ needs, are up to date with the latest techniques and fashion trends, and provide uncompromising standards of service. 5. Biodynamic Hair ProductsThe Centre Stage offers not one but two organic scalp and hair treatment ranges, leading the charge in eco-conscious beauty. These biodynamic products are made of organically grown ingredients that exceed stringent quality assurance requirements.Customers who fancy the calming scent of eucalyptus, tea tree, sage, bergamot, and geranium are in for an olfactory experience.  



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